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It’s Giraffe Girl!

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Holy shit, how long are the legs on this chick? She’s lanky as fuck. The camera angle is perhaps enhancing it a little but she sure does have beautiful long legs and she’s so flexible too. Just casually pops one foot on top of the door handle to assume the position for some cock from behind. All the time maintaining eye contact as well.

This is the crazy famous Riley Reid of course and I have to admit something at this juncture; I never quite understood who she was all that popular.

I mean, she’s pretty, make no mistake but she’s not jaw-droppingly hot in her physical appearance. I mean that relatively speaking, considering that she’s one of the top pornstars. I bet she’s been in the top 250 for a very long time and I know for a fact she was top 20 for months if that’s not even still the case.

I’m starting to get it now though.There seems to be very little that she can’t do.

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